Here’s what attorneys say about my services as expert consultant and witness:

“Professor Hirsch was a great help in securing an acquittal in a contentious trial involving charges of sexual assault. He educated me and ultimately the jury on the interrogation techniques which can produce false confessions. He was always available for consultation, and supplied legal research and suggestions that helped his testimony withstand a Daubert challenge. Most importantly, Alan was an excellent witness.  The jury found him knowledgeable and believable.”

Jose Lopez, Ohio attorney

“Professor Hirsch provided valuable insight to our defense team in a difficult, high-profile case with a videotaped confession.  His testimony on direct was persuasive and easy to understand and he was unflappable during cross-examination.  He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services.”

Kathy Nester, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Mississippi

“Alan Hirsch’s services as an expert on interrogations and confessions proved indispensable in my client’s civil suit against New York City. Before I retained Alan, the city had made no offer. After I served Alan’s expert affidavit, they agreed to settle the case for $215,000.”

  Robert Perry, New York attorney

“My client had confessed to a crime that had him looking at life in prison.  When the State learned that Alan was on the way to Alaska for the suppression hearing, my client was offered a deal that sees him out in 4 months!  Alan is a super cool cat and there a lot of lawyers in Alaska who will be using his services in the future.”

 Benjaman Adams, Alaska Public Defender

“Alan’s advice and expertise was the cornerstone of my defense of a young man facing life in prison.  Because law enforcement used interrogation tactics that enticed a false confession, I needed someone who really knew the law. Not only does Alan know the law, but he was always available by phone or email to discuss our case.  His commitment was extraordinary. He is an expert with few peers and in large part because of Alan, an innocent man was able to walk free.”

John Stepanovich, Virginia attorney

“Professor Hirsch’s testimony as an expert witness on interrogations and confessions made the difference for my client charged with sexual misconduct.  Along with his impressive skills on the stand, Professor Hirsch provided case analysis, suggested cross-examination questions, and recommended a defense narrative, all of which contributed significantly to the successful defense of the case.  The judge granted our motion to suppress and we won at trial.”

Betty Carlson, Montana public defender

“My client, an 84 year old man, was subject to a brutal interrogation in which he was coerced into confessing to a sex crime he did not commit.  We retained Alan Hirsch to assist us in defending the matter.  Professor Hirsch’s advice and analysis was instrumental in getting an outstanding plea arrangement for my client.  I strongly recommend Alan if you have a false confession case.”

Aaron Thompson, Idaho attorney


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