I am at work on what I hope will be a regular podcast about false confessions.  Stay tuned!


More Central Park

Way back when, Donald Trump demanded the execution of the Central Park 5.  Earlier this week, when asked about the case, Trump did not back down, noting that “they admitted their guilt.”  The president is hardly a false confessions expert, but he should know better.  Neither he nor anyone else should promote the dangerous and discredited idea that innocent people would never confess to a crime.

Cal & Col

California’s governor and Colorado’s legislature are both attempting to stop state-sanctioned executions.  Given how many innocent people (a number of whom gave false confessions) have been on death row, these moves are welcome.


Great News that the First Step Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.  Among other benefits of this law, anyone wrongly convicted — based on false confessions or any other reason — will receive better opportunities.  Our entire society should benefit.

Prison Reform

I endorse Van Jones’ prison reform efforts.  The need to improve conditions in prisons is all the more important when we realize how many innocent people they house — partly as a result of false confessions.